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Film commission

The first movie ever showed in Gunma was a black and white silent film called motion pictures at that time. In the post war era, Japan's film scene reached new heights of prosperity and greeted the arrival of the second golden age in the mid 50s and 60s. In Gunma, Japan's first musical film titled "Koko ni izumi ari (Here is a Fountain)" was filmed on location mainly in Takasaki which portrayed the birth and development of the Gunma Symphony Orchestra as a local band, wonderfully touching people's hearts across the country. However, with the spread of TVs and diversification of entertainment, local movie theaters are starting to disappear little by little and in recent years, new development gradually begins to show. One of the new approaches is the Film Commission, where many individuals participate in film making and screening.
Blessed with vast natural treasures, beautiful sceneries, historical streetscape, shopping streets creating the retro atmosphere of Showa and modernistic buildings, Gunma brings many different faces. To introduce these attractions of Gunma, six film commissions of Tsumagoi-mura, Watrase, Takasaki, Tonenumata, Maebashi and Ueno-mura are making efforts to provide various supports on choosing shooting locations and filming for movies, TV shows and commercials. Thanks to the hospitality of Gunma people with a strong sense of duty, and warm-hearted personalities, Gunma enjoys a huge popularity as a shooting location.
Each film commission has supported at least 150 pieces of work each year, so some of your favorite movie scenes might have been filmed in Gunma.
Now, why not starting your journey to escape into being a character in a movie and track back stories?


Filming in front of the prefectural government building of Gunma.