Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
Let us introduce the roots and activities of popular Gunma chan!
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Gunma's Unique Cultures

Gunma has unique cultures like Gunma Symphony Orchestra and Jomo Karuta that are deeply rooted in local people's life and mind.
The Gunma Symphony Orchestra, commonly called Gunkyo, is a pioneer of local orchestras boasting its long history and traditions just behind the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the NHK Symphony Orchestra among professional orchestras in Japan. Also in Gunma, the entire children and teens are given with opportunities to listen to the performance of the Gunma Symphony Orchestra twice for elementary students, once for junior high and high school students respectively, offering the great environment to grow up feeling familiar to the orchestra.
The "Jomo Karuta" is a Japanese card game known by anyone growing up in Gunma. Jomo is a name represents Gunma which features various local charms of Gunma such as its nature, famous figures and industries.
Since its creation right after World War II, Jomo Karuta has been attracting widespread popularity by local people throughout the ages and even now, Jomo Karuta competitions are held in various regions around Gunma.
If you get to know the Gunma Symphony Orchestra and Jomo Karuta, it will surely help you catch on the attractions of Gunma even more.