Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
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Gunma boasts sports teams vying to be national and world champion such as a female soccer team, Renesas Electronics Takasaki, Taiyo Yuden and a rugby team Panasonic Wildknights. Also, it has produced many great athletes, including Olympic medalists in skiing and skating. There are also professional sports teams closely related to local communities including a J2 soccer team Thespa Kusatsu and a professional team in the Baseball Challenge League, Gunma Diamond Pegasus, and they have active supporters.
Thespa Kusatsu is a soccer team known that the players used to play while working at hotels in Kusatsu Onsen Resort. The team currently belongs to the J2 league trying to make it to the J1 league.
Gunma Diamond Pegasus belongs to a professional independent league, the Baseball Challenge League, and engages in fierce competition with teams in the Hokushinetsu region. While the baseball players aim to be on the No.1 in the independent league, they also strive to join 12 teams of the Nippon Professional Baseball.
Moreover, Gunma is actively inviting pro baseball teams to hold sports events.
The New Year Ekiden (All-Japan Men's Corporate Team Ekiden Championships) is an annual men's ekiden which takes place on Joshuji Road in Gunma from the 32nd edition in 1988. This road running relay is a national championship contested between Japan's top runners following a 100 kilometers course of seven intervals located across the prefecture. Every year, a number of dramatic highlights are created inspiring many fans around the country.
On the other hand, the Gunma Kenmin Marathon attracts over 10,000 participants as general runners and a number of volunteers and this is a popular event among all ages as it offers age-appropriate activities.


Start of the 2012 New Year Ekiden in Gunma
(From Graph Gunma January 2012)