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The Culture of Powdered Food & Local Dishes

Gunma is one of the largest wheat producing area in the nation that takes advantage of weather and climate favorable for producing wheat, thanks to its long sunlight hours during winter, dry winds and well-drained soil, and wheat has been actively cultivated as a winter cropping on drained paddy field.
For this reason, the meal culture using wheat, which is the culture of powdered food, has been deeply rooted in Gunma. Udon noodles, okkirikomi (also known as okirikomi or niboto, a type of boiled noodles), yaki manjyu or grilled steamed buns and oyaki dumplings are typical local dishes of Gunma.
Also, the powdered food has been come down to the modern age and a variety of local dishes are made using wheat, including udon noodles, pasta, ramen noodles, stir-fried noodles and monjayaki pan-fried batter.