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It is important to establish rules to protect the safety of food and make an effort to observe the rules because some food contains additives which have a negative effect on health, besides nutrient contents.
It also requires making consistent measures from production to consumption to protect the food safety because many people are involved in the handling of food. To realize this, Gunma Prefecture has started implementing an organization specialized in food safety ahead of other local governments in the nation to take the comprehensive approach.
Another important thing is, on the other hand, the proactive participation of people living in the prefecture in order to relieve concerns for food. Since 2002, Gunma Prefecture has established a program to watch food labeling where the citizens can participate as volunteers.
Currently, more than 200 participants have joined the program in anticipation of promoting proper food labeling so that more people can check the conditions of food labeling from the viewpoint of consumers.


Participants of the food labeling check program looking at the food labeling at a store