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Cultural Heritage

From mountains, rivers to basins and plains, Gunma boasts a varied topography as well as a wide variety of cultural assets.
Both the Japan's renowned wetland in Oze and the Mount Asama lava tree mold created after the eruption of Mount Asama are designated as Special Natural Treasures of Japan.
Also, the scenic beauty of oddly shaped rocks in Mount Myogi, the ancient azalea trees in Tsutsujigaoka and Oda's Rakusan-en garden are designated as National Sites of Scenic Beauty, and the fluvial landscape in Itakura was designated as Important Cultural Landscapes for the first time in the Kanto region, as well as the three ancient monuments of ueno hi, Tago hi and Kanaizawa no hi, collectively called Kozuke Sanpi, are designated as special historic spots.
Gunma is also known for ancient burial mounds.
Such as Tenjinyama Tumulus, which is the largest large keyhole-shaped tomb mound in eastern Japan, and many other unearthed goods from ancient mounds are listed as important cultural properties of Japan.
Other historic sites include the remains of Kozuke Kokubunji Temple, which is believed to have a seven storied pagoda and it was the largest of its kind built in provincial temples, the Kanayama Castle Ruin, which is the largest in northern Kanto and building structures listed as important cultural properties including Nukimae Shrine, Haruna Shrine and Serada Tosho-gu Shrine. What is more, there are Kuni Akaiwa area lined with houses of silk-raising farmers located within the important preservation district of historic buildings and a stage for Kabuki plays in Kamimiharada, which is designated as an important tangible folk cultural property. As just described, these cultural assets bear the evidence of wonderful nature, history and culture Gunma has to offer.