Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
Let us introduce the roots and activities of popular Gunma chan!
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Gunma was the battle ground of Uesugi, Takeda and Hojyo during the Sengoku era and during the early Edo era, major feudal lords of Sakai, Ii and Sakakibara who supported the Edo Shogunate were deployed in Maebashi, Takasaki and Tatebayashi to strengthen the defense in the north.
The interaction with Edo was also active in Gunma, contributing to the development of academics, education and industry.
During the Meiji era, Tomioka Silk Mill was built in Gunma and a massive amount of export silk was produced to support Japan's modernization.
On the back of these historic achievements, Gunma has established its position as an industrial prefecture at the present day.