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Promotion of World Heritage

Gunma aims to have "The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Industrial Heritage" registered as a world heritage site.
Under the themes of "technological innovation" and "international exchange" realized the volume production of Japanese silk, it consists of the following four properties.
All of them are must-see sites and worth a visit. We look forward to seeing you here!
・The Tomioka Silk Mill: It is a Japan's first full-blown silk mill built by the Japanese government during the Meiji Period. Main facilities including wooden-framed brick buildings, such as cocoon warehouse and silk reeling plant, are kept exactly the same as it was built when the mill was founded.
・The Former House of Yahei Tajima: It is a farmhouse used for sericulture by Yahei Tajima who perfected the modern sericultural technique called Seiryo-iku that focused on ventilation. It has a raised roof section for ventilation for the first time in Japan. The house became the prototype for modern sericulture farmhouses.
・The site of Takayama-sha: It is the place where Chogoro Takayama perfected the modern sericultural technique called seion-iku, featuring ventilation and temperature control, which became the standards in Japan.
・Arafune Fu-ketsu: It was the Japan's largest storage facility for silkworm eggs using cold air from gaps between rocks.
Besides these, Gunma has preserved and used a number of buildings and folk performing arts related to silk that are left in Gunma. They have been designated as "Gunma Silk Heritages". Don't forget to check them out also!