Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
Let us introduce the roots and activities of popular Gunma chan!
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Gunma Prefecture produces a huge variety of agricultural and livestock products throughout the year while relying on its natural advantages such as a vast water source from the Tone River reservoir system and the nation's top class long daylight hours, as well as the location of cultivated land extending from the altitude of 13 meters to 1,400 meters boasting its large difference of elevation. In addition, Gunma is also known as the home of mushrooms.
Vegetables, livestock products and mushrooms grown in Gunma are regarded as one of the best in Japan and mainly shipped to the Tokyo metropolitan area. The yield of cabbages, which ranks first in the nation, konjac potato and shiitake mushrooms grown on raw wood are among the top five in nation in 2009, so as 21 other agricultural and livestock products.