Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
Let us introduce the roots and activities of popular Gunma chan!
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Personalities and Dialect

Personalities of Gunma people

First of all, let us introduce the personalities of Gunma people.
Gunma people are traditionally known to have the images such as bossy wives, dedicated gamblers, a personality that is easily warmed up but just as easily cooled down and uses rough words. The following is the list of characteristics:

- Easily warmed up but just as easily cooled down
- Warm and tender-hearted
- Quick tempered and rough by nature
- Light-hearted and straightforward
- Concerns about personal honor and has a strong sense of duty, but kind and warm-hearted
- Has a rough sense of the value of money
- Uses rough words
- Kind- and soft- hearted
- Strong-minded
- Hard worker
- Japan's number one ratio of female drivers
- Active

Gunma's climate and lifestyle that developed these characteristics

Although there are various theories as to originate and form the characteristics of Gunma people, there is no doubt that the climate and lifestyles of Gunma have created these factors.

▼Why they became bossy wives?▼

An expression giving praises for women supporting her family
In this modern era, a bossy wife generally has an impression that is a strong woman who keeps her husband on a short rope, which is used in rivalry with an overbearing husband. However, the meanings of bossy wives used traditionally in Gunma are slightly different. In Gunma, the sericulture industry developed from the middle of Edo Period and the income of female farmer engaged in silk cultivation, silk reeling and textile weaving as a second job increased significantly. So, the expression of bossy wives is a positive way to praise hard-working women who supported the family while doing household chores.

The original bossy wife?
There is an episode that Gunma's bossy wives already appeared in the ancient Nihon Shoki, sometimes translated as The Chronicles of Japan.
The Nihon Shoki (720) mentions very interesting descriptions about Gunma.
Kamitsu no Kimi Katana, who was the king of ancient Gunma, was trying to run away from a disadvantageous battle. But his wife gave him a blistering reproof and questioned him closely for his act. She then put him to sleep with alcohol and took his sword and went to battle. She won the battle brilliantly bringing peace to the eastern provinces. This is truly the first episode of bossy wives.