Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
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Dialect of residents

There are many unique cultural facilities in Gunma, such as the Gunma Insect World where people can experience nearby forests and the Gunma Museum of Natural History that displays a complete skeleton of real dinosaur, which is rare in the world. Beside these, there are forest parks and cultural centers serving as a base for entertainment and education across the prefecture. Here are some of the prefectural facilities:

Gunma Insect World

Situated on a 48 hectare expanse of land, Gunma Insect World is a great place to come in direct contact with inhabitants living in a wooded zone and small rivers. Visitors also can learn about insects from various viewpoints in a fascinating natural atmosphere. At this educational facility, visitors can observe insects at Insect Observatory, watch the ecology of wooded areas and experience silk-raising at a thatched roof house where various traditional games and annual festivals are demonstrated. In addition, visitors can directly understand beautiful four seasons of Japan and come in direct contact with living things and at the same time, they can have a firsthand experience of "Satoyama", the area for local wildlife offering unspoiled natural beauty, making it a very rare insect garden in the country where people want to visit in every season.

Gunma Astronomical Observatory

Blessed with rich nature, Gunma is also known for the enormous beauty of the stars. Gunma Astromical Observatory is one of the only two prefectural astronomical observatories in the country and is one of the largest observatory open to the public. The stargazing session at night uses one of the largest telescopes measuring 150 cm to observe lunar craters, the outer ring of Saturn, faraway galaxies, star clusters and the Lactic Way so that visitors can enjoy the very realistic experience they do not feel in their daily lives.

Gunma Flower Park

Located on the south foot of Mt. Akagi, this flower theme park offers huge flowerbeds that are always full of various kinds of flowers including tulips, roses, dahlias, camellias, azaleas and Hana peach trees. The park holds flower festivals seven times a year and some of the events features illumination to light up the flowerbeds. The park holds hard to find plants such as the world famous collection of 90 years old azalea standing 2 meters high and one of the largest collection of 280 types of camellias to attract people at the time of bloom. Not only are flowers, the park also offers play equipment and kids area on a lawn and a park tower standing 15 meters high that overlooks the entire park. It is the park suitable for both kids and adults.

Nippon Silk Center

Nippon Silk Center is a facility to offer and exchange information about silk cultivation and silk product and displays an array of silk product such as kimono dress in addition to provide easy to understand information about the history and techniques of the sericulture industry, the ecology of silkworm and the Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Industrial Heritage. In addition, the center also offers workshops to experience silk dyeing and cocoon crafts.

Gunma Baji Kouen Park

Located in the southern part of Mr. Akagi, the park is a great place to directly come in contact with horses and experience horse riding and pony tracing in the magnificent natural world. It is the place where people at all levels can take lessons with instructors and easily enjoy a horse riding experience available from children to adults. In addition, the Gunma Baji Kouen Park is known for official equine competition events as the only facility in Gunma and various horse shows are held here.