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Gunma's Unique Policies

Here are some distinctive policies implemented in Gunma:

Healthcare policy, "Free medical care for children under age 15"

Gunma Prefecture implements free medical care for those under age 15 living in Gunma. Eligible persons may receive medical care without out-of-pocket medical cost including hospitalization and outpatient expenses until they graduate from junior high school. The subsidy for medical expenses has been implemented in all prefectures; however, Gunma is the only prefecture that implemented free medical care for children under the age of 15 without income limitation and out-of-pocket medical cost.

Healthcare policy, "The efforts of providing high quality specialized medical treatment at prefectural hospitals"

Under the mission of protecting life of residents", Gunma Prefecture established four hospitals including the Prefectural Cardiovascular Center, Cancer Center, Psychiatric Center and Pediatric Medical Center. Each hospital provides high quality medical treatment specializing in respective conditions.
* These four prefectural hospitals take patients by advance appointments only in principle. If you would like to be seen by these hospitals, please call and make an appointment in advance and bring a referral letter from your primary physician on the day of your appointment.

Dietary education

The dietary life of the people has become rich and varied. There is countless food available to us anytime and anywhere. Although it is such a great thing, not a small number of people have been able to utilize the benefits of food. As unbalanced diets become more common, poor eating habits have become an issue. Also, it is necessary not only to get essential nutrients but to appreciate the values of food and their farm producers as well as to think about the food culture. It is the significance of Gunma's dietary education to think about the importance of food.
With the motto to provide fun and easy to understand dietary education, Gunma has been among the first in the country to encourage more people to work on the dietary education by creating independent educational materials for children that are readily available. Additionally, the Gunma's dietary education aims to get across the importance and enjoyment of sitting around the table with family as a place for family communication. In the effort, it has designated the 19th day of every month as a "family dining day" with the aim to continue the dietary education started from the family table in a home environment throughout life.
Please take advantage of Gunma's one-of-a-kind education materials to enjoy the benefits of dietary education with your family.

Environmental conservation program, "Oze School"

Oze boasts beautiful nature and precious ecosystems and it has been referred to as "the treasure house of nature".
Gunma considers Oze as the place of environment education for its excellent natural resources.
In response to such benefits, it has established a subsidy for the Oze School program in 2008 to promote its implementation with the aim to encourage children with emotional richness to visit Oze at least once and learn the importance of protecting the immediate natural environment and eventually learn the significance of preserving the global environment, as well as to foster a love for their hometown, through the quality experiences in nature in a small group of people accompanied by guide.