Gunma chan is a mascot character of Gunma Prefecture.
Let us introduce the roots and activities of popular Gunma chan!
We hope you support Gunma chan!

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Selected videos of Gunma's recommended spots and attractions are introduced here. You can also check out videos featuring Gunma-chan!

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site policy

For the use of Gunma-chan Navi! ("this website"), we may ask you to disclose necessary information ("personal information".)

This website handles personal information based on this Privacy Policy in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law.

1. Handling of the site information

- This website, operated by Gunma Prefecture, is a website designed to offer information about the attractions of Gunma Prefecture.
- We take all possible measures to provide accurate information on our website. We, however, cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by users.
- Gunma Prefecture does not recommend or guarantee the information related to private sectors, of which mentioned on this website.
- This website does not accept any responsibility of the use of information.

2. Links

- In principle, you may link to this website without permission. Be sure to select the top page when setting up a link to this website.
- However, should the contents of the linked website not comply with laws or offend the public policy; we may ask to remove the links.

3. About this website

Gunma Prefecture has an array of attractions such as lush greenery, abundant nature, places of scenic beauty, such as hot spring resorts and a number of historical cultural properties.
To make people better informed and attract more people to Gunma, this website aims to introduce these attractions in a joyful and easy to understand way. For that purpose, this website is designed to provide an opportunity for personal exchange.
We strive to enhance the contents of "Gunma-chan Navi!" to offer a contact point for Gunma Prefecture, residents of the prefecture and people across the country and to contribute to the promotion and enhancement of the images about Gunma Prefecture